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This site is a resource for families, carers and professionals looking for information on the Low Arousal Approach.

The Low Arousal Approach emphasises a range of behaviour management strategies that focus on the reduction of stress, fear and frustration and seeks to prevent aggression and crisis situations. The low arousal approach seeks to understand the role of the ‘situation’ by identifying triggers and using low intensity strategies and solutions to avoid punitive consequences for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

The low arousal approach enables practitioners to avoid punitive consequences for individuals from a variety of settings through early identification and intervention using low intensity strategies and solutions.

What we do

Low Arousal Approach Specialist Training

The low arousal approach enables professionals, carers and family members to deal and manage challenging behaviours. The approach empowers the individual or team to focus on the ‘person’ in the situation, identify the cause and use proven low arousal skills to reduce the aggression.

Whilst many individuals may claim that they have expertise in the Low Arousal Approach the only organisation that officially runs specialist training courses is Studio III Training Systems.


We are only beginning to understand the arousal mechanisms in the human brain.


How we respond to someone in crisis is an acid test of a caring approach.


To support people we have to understand how context influences their behaviour, we also have to understand we are part of that context.


If you think training is expensive try ignorance.

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