Low Arousal team – Publications

Roy Deveau

Deveau, R. & McGill, P. (2007) As the last resort: reducing the use of restrictive physical interventions. Tizard, University of Kent: Canterbury.

Deveau, R & McDonnell A. (2009) As the last resort: reducing the use of restrictive physical interventions using organisational approaches. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 37 172-179.

Deveau, R. & McGill, P. (2009) Physical interventions for adults with intellectual disabilities: survey of use, policy, training and monitoring. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 22 145-151.

McDonald, A., McGill, P. &Deveau, R. (2011) ‘You squeal and squeal but they just hold you down’ Restrictive physical interventions and people with intellectual disabilities: service user views. International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support, 1 (1) 45-52.

Deveau, R. & McGill, P. (in press) Leadership at the front line: impact of practice leadership management style on staff experience in services for people with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability.

Deveau, R. & McGill, P. (in review) Leadership and complexity at the frontline in supporting people with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour: A qualitative study of service managers.

Deveau, R. & Leitch, S. (in review) The impact of restraint reduction meetings on the use of restrictive physical interventions in English residential services for children and young people.

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