Articles and Research Papers

The Effects of Staff Training on Staff Confidence and Challenging Behaviour in Services for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

 - McDonnell, A., Sturmey, P. et al. (2008) 

The Role of Physiological Arousal in the Management of Challenging Behaviours in Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

- McDonnell, A., McCreadie, M., Mills, R., Anker, R. & Hayden, J. (2014) 

Low Arousal Approaches to Managing Behaviours of Concern 

- Andrew McDonnell Roy Deveau (2018) 

Coping With Violent Situations in the Caring Environment

- Andrew McDonnell, John McEvoy and R. L. Dearden (1994) 

Behaviour Management versus Behaviour Change: A Useful Distinction?

- Andrew McDonnell (2009) 

Defusing Violent Situations: Low Arousal Approaches

- Andrew McDonnell (1999) 

Staff Training in the Management of Violence and Aggression: 3. Physical Restraint

- Andrew McDonnell, R. L. Dearden and Alan Richens (1991)