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Crisis management

Low Arousal approaches to crisis management focus on non-aversive de-escalation strategies which do not include physical restraint.

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Crisis management

Low Arousal approaches to crisis management are taught by Studio 3 across Europe and the UK. Our philosophy is to approach challenging behaviour in a gentle and dignified way, by providing a better understanding and insight into what causes challenging behaviour, and by the use of Low Arousal approaches and gentle physical skills.

Without teaching restrictive practices such as physical restraint, we provide a template on how to manage violence and aggression. Our trainers work with course participants to develop this basic policy to suit the needs of individual services. This policy is provided to give a clear framework for carers and also the service.

'Low Arousal is the conceptual framework that we use for early identification and management of challenging behaviour' - Signe Lo Scott Larson (Read full article here)

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